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Cleverest of Them All: Story 3 (A Fairy Tale Romance)

on June 11, 2012

Story #3 in “The Clever Detective” series by Linsey Lanier.

Royal weddings. Gotta love ’em. All that pageantry and show and excitement. But tough gal, private investigator Stacey Alexander doesn’t feel that way. She and Prince Chad are about to tie the knot, and she’s getting pretty antsy. Not to mention a little tired of Hollow Tree Land.

Two weeks before her royal marriage to Prince Chad, she gets in a fight with him and leaves. When Chad tries to follow her, what happens isn’t pretty. Ignoring her feelings for the prince, Stacey returns to her old digs. But on the way there, she finds the body of Clarence Hump, the local district attorney who was prosecuting a violent gang member. The police say it’s suicide, but Stacey’s gut says murder. When the assistant DA asks her to investigate, how can she say no? And yet, that decision might have been a mistake…

This book is about 18,000 words (four times longer than “The Clever Detective” ), around 70 printed pages.

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Note: This series is not intended for very young children.

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